Auction Specialists Mineral Point, LLC.

Auction Specialists Mineral Point, LLC.

Breweriana, Coca Cola, Petro, Toys, Guns, Collectibles, Vintage J D Tractors, Motorcycle & Trailer Auction

NAME Dennis Ray Collection
DATE Saturday, April 13, 2019 TIME 9:00 A.M.
LOCATION Quality Inn Motel & Convention Center, 1345 Business Park Road, Exit 40, Mineral Point, WI
NOTE: Dennis has been collecting most of his life and has decided to down size due to health reasons. Very nice collection of beer items some are pre prohibition. We will be selling in 2 rings. Bring your bid partner. Guns will sell at 1:00 P.M. Something for everyone.

Otto-Ray-Bud Lieder photos; Mineral Springs metal beer keg; M.S. wood beer keg
M.S. tapper; M.S. porcelain beer sign; 2- M.S. everbrite neon signs
M.S. beer sign Frank Ceniti; M.S. beer on draft sign; 2- M.S. stand up bottle signs
M.S. clock; Mineral Springs Export pre prohibition; M.S. beer tray
M.S. steinie label #97-RI; 2- M.S. beer trays; M.S. Eversharps; M.S. beer labels
M.S. billfolds; M.S. ash trays; M.S. beer bottle Near Beer; M.S. mirrors
M.S. key chains- 4 colors; M.S. beer foam scrapers; M.S. light switch plates
M.S. bottle openers; M.S. bottle openers; M.S. match books- Christmas
M.S. bottle neck labels; 2- standard hydro meters (1866) pre prohibition
Holiday neon sign w/Acme transformer pre prohibition; Holiday tapper
Holiday beer clock; Holiday ash trays; Holiday beer sign; Holiday fillet knives
2- Holiday chalk menu boards; Holiday beer labels; Blatz bottle sign
Picture of Paradise Lake (signed Potosi); Potosi license board; Potosi wood case
Potosi match books; Potosi bullet lighter; Potosi beer glasses; Potosi ash trays
Potosi beer token; Potosi tobacco pouch; Potosi Eversharp w/bottle top
Potosi coasters; JB lager beer; Leinenkugels beer signs; Ziegler 520 beer sign
Peerless menu board; WI Club beer sign; Hamms schrol lighted sign
Hamms lighted sign 1865; Hamms lighted sign Picket Fence; Hamms scooners
Huber beer glasses; Billy beer cans; Fauerbach labels; Fauerbach seltzer bottle
Grain Belt signs; Oskosh Holiday beer; Bud 1890's cork screw; Bud tapper
Bud Clydesdale sign; Bud Select sign; Schlitz World sign; Schlitz football sign
Schlitz scooners-glasses; Old Derby ale sign; Miller Cold Beer sign
5- Miller beer “Wildlife” mirrors; Old Style lighted sign; Old Style beer mirror
Pabst Outdoor “Tavern” sign; Pabst lighted sign; Pabst Holiday sign; Pabst can “cups”
Pabst RW & Blue basket; Coors neon sign “Banquet”; Coors sign “Music”

Pre-Prohibition Mineral Springs Beer
Beer tray in excellent shape - will have Wisconsin Beer Label book to show pre-pro label
2 Mineral Springs Pre-pro beer bottles (1 is a blob top for a cork top, the next bottle is the same bottle with a bottle cap top. (1902-1907)
Mineral Springs wood barrel is pre-pro in excellent shape.
We believe this is the only outdoor neon hanging beer sign, from the early 1940's, underneath there are two metal tags. One reads union made, the other reads, Property of Mineral Springs Brewery Co.,
The brewery closed in 1960, Bud Lieder bought the Royal Inn on Main Street in 1961 or 1962. He took the sign and hung it at the Royal Inn until 1969 when he passed away.

Potosi Glass Beer License Holder
l've only seen one other at the Potosi Brewery Museum. Paradise Lake Potosi Beer Sign, these were made and only given to Potosi beer distributors.

A St. Croix fishing pole
1959 in excellent shape for it's age.

Many Bean decanters; Slot machine; Wildlife; Ponderosa & more
Fenley Oil ad pc M.P.; Green Lantern token M.P.; Lead token M.P.
M.P. Bottling opener & ash tray; Farmers Store silhouette; Griffiths Hatchery silhouette
& more M.P. collectibles; Vintage Michigan cash register; Coke chest pop cooler
Coke pop dispenser w/tapper; Coke clock pre prohibition; Coke “Fish” sign
Coke ice pick; Pepsi metal sign “Am Biggest Nickels Worth”; Double Cola S&P
Hershey 5 cent box; 2- ceramic snuff flashes; Arcade coffee grinder w/catch cup
Carbide Miners lantern; Weather vanes, some w/bulbs

National AI Mobil gas pump; Bowser gas pump; Mobil gas porcelain sign
Mobil oil can; Gulf flex petro sign; Vintage standard fuel can, signed
AC spark plug display; Anco wiper blade display; Swiss Chalet lighted sign
Arcade lighted clock; DeKalb seed sign; Fasco seed sign; Super Cross seed sign
Joe Kool chair; Maple press back rocker; Tulip light fixtures; Cross cut saw
Hand cults; Clamps; Sythe; Supior twin metal bed; Wood back bar

The A-1 National Pump with Mobile on it, was the first pump National made after the May West pumps, in 1936. The A-38 National pumps were made in 1938.

Nylint metal farm truck; Nylint fire trucks; Nylint grader; Structo truck; IHC T-6 dozer
Tonka crawler; Tonka end loader; Tonka sand loader; Tonka semi truck
Max US Army truck w/beacon light; Max Junin metal typewriter; Ohio art “Toe Joe”
Match box toys; Mr. Peanut bank; Oriental game board; Gilbert Lil box games
Cast tractors- JD tractor "no man", JD 1947-1977 50th Mdl M Spec Cast tractor, 1 of 2000,
JD ground drive manure spreader, 1991 IHC Industrial tractor

GUNS All State & Federal Laws Apply. No Out of State Gun Sales.
Henry Big Boy 44 magnum lever action rifle, new in box, ammo, Serial #BBS001485
Winchester Mdl 94 30-30 lever action rifle, Serial #1179179
Winchester Mdl 1905 32 rifle, Serial #5533
Winchester Mdl 190 22 rifle, Serial #607799
Winchester Mdl 72A bolt action 22 rifle
Winchester Mdl 67 22 rifle
Remington 22 rifle, roll block w/octagon barrel, Serial #J233375
A R 7 Explorer 22 rifle, Serial #B020042
Marlin Mdl 60 auto rifle, Serial #16374287
Bay State 410 shotgun, Serial #A774344
Stevens Mdl 195 "Favorite" 22 rifle, Serial #SNY989
Ruger Mark II 22 target pistol w/2 clips & case, Serial #22557093
St Croix bamboo fish pole 7'6" 100/NWA; Cabelo fish rod & Zebro 33 gold reel
Black snake whip; 2" Herbrand RR wrench; Standard padlock; JD padlock
1958 Mil Braves program “15 cent”; 1960 Packer beanie; 1960's NFL Browns nodder
1960's NFL Packer nodder; Mil Braves pennant; Terry Bradshaw stand up
Captain Morgan stand up; Harley Easy Rider slot machine; 1960's Harley hat
Harley Men’s XXL leather jacket; Harley women’s XL leather jacket
Harley belt buckle; Schwinn typhoon Boy’s bike; Rocking horse
2- rat traps

1943 JD B Gas tractor w/narrow front, Parade Ready
Parade wagon w/JD gear; JD ground drive manure spreader; Wood & metal JD umbrellas
1965 JD 110 riding lawn tractor w/36" mower deck, Kohler 8 h.p. engine, restored,
Made in Wisconsin
JD Mdl 20 D65 Ertl pedal tractor; JD 8310 MFWD pedal tractor; 3- JD tool boxes
JD shield; JD bug zapper; JD 65-EV 20" chain saw; AC Mdl 75 14" chain saw
JD padlock; 1948 JD dealer manual; Standard padlock; Toboggan; Snow sled
Radio Jet lil red wagon & Much More

1965 Honda 160 cc motorcycle, also 1965 Honda 160 Engine Rebuilt by McCutchin Motorsports
Trail Pro 3 place motorcycle trailer w/single axle

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Larry Teasdale, Shullsburg, WI PH 608-965-3558 WI #172, IL #441.0000224
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CLERK Larry R. Noble, Mineral Point, WI PH 608-574-2905 Reg. WI License #406

TERMS: All purchases must be settled for day of sale. Payment by cash, cashier’s check or good personal check. Number system to be used, photo ID required to obtain bid number to bid/buy. Any announcements made day of sale take precedence over all advertised material.